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ChartVox (Hand-Held Units)


ChartNet Voice™ is an affordable alternative to traditional phone-based dictation that utilizes hand-held digital voice recorders. Providers can dictate several hours worth of reports into the recorder, then download the voice files for transcription via ChartNet™. They also have the option of using a Phillips SpeechMike™, which connects to an internet-enabled PC with a USB cord.


Voice Reader

The Voice Reader runs at the provider's location and is used to download the voice files from the voice recorder and send them back to the ChartNet Voice Server for transcription. The Voice Reader can be configured to pull the voice files from the recorder via a USB connection, or by removing the memory chip and inserting it into a reader device (e.g. San Disk). The Voice Reader can be installed from the Web.

Voice Server

The Voice Server runs at the main office location and is responsible for importing the voice files that get sent in by the Voice Readers, and for sending voice jobs out to home transcriptionists for transcription. The Voice Server can also import voice jobs that are exported by ChartVox™.

Voice Manager

The Voice Manager is a system management tool for monitoring voice jobs. The system manager can set up "work pools" so that transcriptionists get assigned only the type of jobs they are authorized to work on.

Voice Client

The Voice Client runs on the transcriptionist PC and is used to play back and listen to voice jobs. Voice Client is a full-featured voice player that uses a foot-pedal and head-set to listen to jobs. For home transcriptionists, the Voice Client also is responsible for connecting to the Voice Server (across the Internet) to receive jobs. Home users can "check-out" multiple jobs at a time. The Voice Client is totally integrated with the ChartNet™ Transcription program so that Voice Client actions (get next job, sign-off job) can be controlled while in transcription, minimizing the need to constantly switch between programs. Also, when the user starts a new job, the demographics screen is automatically populated with all fields from the voice job including dictation date, dictation time, author ID, subject field, etc.

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