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Home Transcription


In today's transcription world, the option to have work typed by home-based transcriptionists is a requirement. ChartNet™ offers home transcription using the same software that is used in-house, but uses the Internet to keep the home transcriptionist's system in-sync with the host system.

The Internet is used to send/receive files. All files are encrypted with 128-bit encryption before being sent across the Internet.

Forms, doctors, patient demographics, and other files are updated automatically when the home user connects to the host site, allowing the transcriptionist to work "off-line" when typing. Any time changes are made to the host database, the changes are replicated out to all home users.

Integrated E-mail lets users send and receive e-mail without leaving ChartNet™.

Internet-based software installation is used to initially install ChartNet™ on the home transcriptionist's PC, eliminating the need to send out CD's or have the PC brought to the main office.

Internet-based software updates allow home transcriptionists to receive ChartNet™ software updates at their convenience.

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