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Support for Remote Locations


In some cases, transcription service companies may have customers who prefer to handle report printing and minor edits themselves. This is accomplished by providing a ChartNet™ remote server at the customer's location. In addition to handling all of the interfacing requirements, the remote server also acts as a file server for those users at the remote location that need to access ChartNet™ reports.

The remote server is kept in-sync with the host system so that the remote server maintains an exact replica of the host system's database. Any time changes are made to the host database, the changes are replicated out to all remote locations.

The Internet is used to send/receive files from the host site to the remote site. All files are sent via FTP after being encrypted with 128-bit encryption.

Users can search, view, print, and interface reports from the remote server.

Faxing can be done via the remote server.

Batch Printing of reports can be set up at the remote location. Reports can be printed in any sort order.

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