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System Management


Easy forms design allows even complex forms to be created easily. Forms can be set up to use any font, font size, font style, or other formatting options. Logos can be inserted into the report's header.

Fully customizable demographics forms for capture of patient information (e.g. name, account number, medical record number, etc.). The system manager has full control over field placement, field prompts, field lengths, formats, lookups, etc. Fields can be set to be required or not required. Fields that require codes (e.g. Doctors codes) can have lookup tables assigned so that the transcriptionist can search by doctor name to find the correct code.

Flexible report distribution options, including printing to any local or network printer, auto-faxing, auto-emailing, interfacing to other systems, printing to current patient location, and batch printing. Any combination of distribution options can be setup as the default for each report type. Transcriptionists can add to the default distribution list at the end of typing a report if, for example, a copy needs to be faxed to someone.

Batch printing allows reports to be printed in a batch by any sort sequence. In addition, detail logs can be printed showing what reports were printed in the batch. Letters, envelopes, and labels can be printed as well.

Management reporting of productivity and statistics by transcriptionist, site, report type, doctor, etc. ChartNet™ keeps detailed logs of all transcription activity, automatically tallying character counts, line counts, report counts, payroll amount, etc. The system manager can print detail or summarized reports covering any time-period. Likewise, each transcriptionist can view or print a detail report of their own statistics at any time. If the customer requires billing reports, ChartNet™ has an extensive library of billing and invoicing reports suitable for sending to clients.

System security features control who can access reports in the system and what functions they are allowed to perform. The System Manager can restrict users to specific accounts (sites), as well as specific report types.

Turnaround-time reporting by report type. Each report type can be assigned a turnaround goal (e.g. 4 hours) and ChartNet™ can report the number and percentage of reports that did or did not meet the goal.

Flexible character and line count calculations allow different calulation methods to be set up for calculating transcriptionist productivity and customer billing.

Transcriptionists can be flagged as "on review" for quality assurance review. Reports held for review are not distributed until a supervisor reviews them. ChartNet™ has a powerful Review and QA module for viewing, correcting, and distributing reports that are held for review.

Remote review option allows reports to be reviewed from users that work at home.

Powerful report search feature allows you to find reports using any criteria including searching for specific words or phrases in the body of reports. Reports selected by a search can be distributed, batch printed, edited, etc.

Incomplete report tracking prevents reports from being distributed that are not complete (i.e. missing parts of the dictation or missing demographics)

Event history is kept on each report to help resolve problems or questions.

Web-server based system status information can be viewed by a web-browser that shows the current status of the system. Information displayed includes reports typed today, reports in review, reports typed for each site, reports typed by each transcriptionist, status of each interface, and much more.

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