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ChartVox (Telephone Dictation)


ChartVox™ Dictation is a digital dictation system that allows dictation to be done from any telephone. Up to 99 partitions can be defined with each partition having its own author ID's, prompts, field lengths, etc. This allows a ChartVox™ system to be configured to handle the needs of different hospital departments, or even multiple hospitals (which makes it ideal for transcription companies). ChartVox is sold as a turn-key system (hardware and software bundled together).


  • Up to 48 dictate/transcribe ports
  • Ports can be either dictate, transcribe, or both
  • Up to 99 partitions
  • User-defined author ID length, by partition
  • User-defined prompts, by partition
  • User-defined subject ID length, by partition
  • User-defined work-types, by partition
  • User-defined record and playback functions (phone keys)
  • User-defined work pools for assigning work to transcriptionists
  • Easy "Explorer" interface for managing the system
  • Status displays by port, jobs, work type, partition, system
  • Jobs exported for import into other dictation systems
  • Jobs exported to ChartVox Voice Server for distribution
  • Transcription system interface
  • Patient demographics interface


ChartVox™ Server

The ChartVox™ Server is the main recorder/playback engine. It runs as a Windows NT service.

ChartVox™ Explorer

ChartVox™ Explorer is the graphical user interface to the ChartVox™ Server and is used to configure and manage the system. It uses the same intuitive user interface as the Windows Exployer program and can be run from any workstation that is on the same network as the ChartVox™ Server.

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