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At the heart of ChartNet™ is the main ChartNet™ Transcription program that is used for typing reports.

Integrated word processing eliminates the need to purchase separate word processing software licenses. To help make training easy, the ChartNet™ word processor uses the same shortcut keys as popular word processors and contains many built-in shortcuts for helping to make transcriptionists as productive as possible.

Integrated medical dictionary eliminates the need to purchase separate medical dictionary licenses. The medical dictionary contains over 240,000 medical and pharmaceutical words and abbreviations and is updated quarterly.

Integrated speed-typing ("ExpandType") allows unlimited number of abbreviations that expand into an unlimited amount of text.

Integrated drug name searching allows the user to easily submit drug names and other medical terms to any Internet search engine in order to get correct spelling or additional information, all without leaving the word processor.

Automatic population of demographic fields speeds up transcription and reduces errors by pulling patient demographic data from a master patient file. (Requires a demographic interface to the client's registration system.)

Normals and template library available to all transcriptionists helps with productivity and consistency. Normals can be setup by provider so that, for example, Dr. Jones' normal for a chest xray can be different than Dr. Smith's.

Headers, footers, and signature lines are handled automatically. Transcriptionists only have to type the body of the report. At print time, ChartNet™ automatically merges in demographic fields into the headers and footers. Transcriptionists do not have to spend time with formatting issues.

Dictation system interface allows data fields from the dictation job to automatically be entered into the demographic screen, eliminating keystrokes and increasing accuracy. If the dictation system provides a patient ID, such as the medical record number, ChartNet™ will use the ID to search the Master Patient Index to retrieve the patient demographics.

Designed to be used without a mouse so that transcriptionists can keep their hands on the keyboard to maximize their productivity.

Bookmarks can be placed anywhere in a report format for quick, single-key jumping to the next report section or heading.

Automatic checking of signature line "orphaning". When a report is complete, ChartNet™ will determine if the report spans more than one page and prompt the user to check for the possibility of an orphaned signature line (i.e. the signature line appears on the final page by itself). If orphaning exists, then ChartNet™ will automatically bring down a few lines from the previous page so that the signature line is no longer orphaned.

Shrink to Page option automatically reduces the font size of a report until the entire report fits on a single page. System Manager can set the minimum font size.

Automatic page numbering of reports. Page numbers can be placed anywhere on the report. For example, "Page 1 of 3" can be printed on the bottom of the first page.

Automatic backup of reports being typed. When in word processing, ChartNet™ automatically does a backup of the report every 2 minutes so that, in the case of a power failure, the user can quickly recover their last report.

Integrated e-mail between supervisors and transcriptionists. Especially useful for communicating with home transcriptionists. For example, a supervisor can broadcast an email to "all home users". User's email options can be setup so that the user can only send messages to their supervisor.

Automatic cc: list generation and distribution allows, for example, a person to be added to the cc: list who will automatically receive a copy of the report via fax, hardcopy, or email.

Auto-Fax, Auto-Email, and Auto-Print allows doctors and to automatically receive copies of reports if they are the dictating, attending, referring, or consulting doctor.

Automatic tracking of report statistics by transcriptionist, site, report type, doctor, etc. For each transcriptionist, the system keeps track of the number reports typed, number to characters typed, number of lines, and the amount of time spent typing.

Transcriptionists can control the colors of the word processing screen to make viewing the text as comfortable as possible.

Transcriptionists can control the size of the text displayed on the word processing screen by setting the zoom value.

Integrated macro facility can be used to automate repetitive tasks.

Online help system allows quick reference to every ChartNet™ feature and shortcut key.

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